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In the early 1980's our family came to this country after a long scary journey from Communist-torn Vietnam. When we arrived in Houston, we didn't have much else besides the clothes on our back, our loved ones by our side and an empty stomach. It was at this time that our family clung together in search for new lives in America. No matter how tightly we came together, no other time was more treasured than Sunday afternoons when the entire family met for a home cooked meal. We treasured these times as we shared not only fellowship, but our love for homemade Vietnamese comfort food.  There was something about our traditional Vietnamese-style marinated beef in our spring rolls, the mouth-watering sweet and salty spare ribs, or even the simple freshly picked vegetables from our garden. The food always brought us together and made us realize how grateful we were to have each other, especially during the difficult times. America has become our home for over 30 years. With our children growing up as Vietnamese-American, our lives have become a stirred melting pot of cultures that continues to evolve to this day. 
















Considering these cherished memories,  we decided that we wanted to share with our community the gift we grew up sharing with our family every Sunday -  Food.  We gathered all our resources and converted what was formerly Queen Burger into something that we believed could truly symbolize our experiences here - thus Hughie's was born.  A unique hybrid of  classic Vietnamese cuisine with an American twist that some would call Asian Fusion, but we like to refer to as the eptiome of the American Dream. From our tender "Shaking Beef" (Bo Luc Lac) to our critically recognized filet mignon Chicken Fried Steak, our "Banh Mi" composed of well-marinated grilled chicken on a freshly toasted french baguette to our ever extensive craft beer selection, we have tried hard to illustrate our version of the American dream through the mediums that we know best - Food and Fellowship. 


We want to formally invite you to come visit us here at Hughie's, break bread and be part of our family. It's the least we can do for a community that has done nothing but welcome us into their family for over 30 years. 



Thank You For Your Support! Cam On, 

From the Family of Hughie's



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